As a event & meeting professional, I am often asked to lend an ear to event ideas. I listen, nod in agreement, and subsequently ask myself if I can identity what I believe are the 5 most important elements in the creation of a great event. If I cannot easily identify them through the idea process, I make it a point to ask the potential client, or enthusiastic idea creator, to answer the questions.

      For anyone preparing to plan a meeting, launch a business, or simply host a party, I have listed the 5 key questions to answer before the fun begins!

1. What is the purpose of the event?

      Whether you wish to celebrate a momentous occasion, launch your business, or host a speaking engagement, you want to start with understanding the purpose. The purpose helps to determine the theme and the marketing strategy surrounding the event.

2. What is the theme? 

       The theme determines the energy of the event. Is it serious, educational, social, or interactive? 

3. Who is the target audience?

        Knowing the target audience is important for planning and marketing purposes. An event with a target audience of high school students is much different than a target audience of professional women or men.

4.  What is the budget?

         Before ticket sales and sponsorship options, how much money needs to be invested or is available to be invested into the event. Understand that no matter what is said, there is always a budget. Even clients that say “no budget”, have a spending limit. Be honest with yourself (and your planner) about your comfortable spending limit is.

5.  What is the intented outcome?

          What is the goal leaving out of the event? What should the guests receive from attending your event? At social functions, the intended outcome is typically great memories and personal connectivity. Speaking engagements are typically intended to sell merchandise, such as books, audios, future event registrations, etc. Educational events are intended to add value to attendees. By identifying the intended outcome, the ‘take away’ from the event, it is easier to determine the value, the dedication level, and the future growth opportunities. 

     Before I accept a new client or start planning for an existing one, I determine the answer to these 5 questions. It helps me to keep the client focused on the goals at hand and to know the time that will be necessary to invest into event plan in order to achieve the goals. Overall, if there is an event idea burning inside of you and you can truthfully answer the 5 questions, hire a professional planner. This is just the beginning…