Continuing on the series, here with day four, and reason four to hire a planner. Catch the video to the the right to hear my enthusiasm as I share reason number four. Soooo, reason number four to hire a planner is because they work with other professionals! You can save yourself so much time, energy, and stress by working with the planners preferred list of vendors. These vendors are already vetted. You don’t have to wonder if they are going to do a good job or even capable of doing the job, because they’ve already made the cut.

This reason popped up in conversation the other day, when I was asked by an acquaintance if I had worked with a particular DJ. She said she booked him but wasn’t sure what kind of job he was going to do and music was a big thing for her. Meanwhile, she was also going to go with the venue’s coordinator, instead of hiring a planner (that will be a future topic as well). It made me realize that that’s another reason to hire a planner…so you don’t have to wonder if your vendor is going to be good or not. With the preferred vendor partnerships, there is often discount passed on to the couples, for the referral. So you can save yourself money too (which is usually the reason people hire DJs or vendors they have to worry about).

Think about when you’re going out to eat; what’s the first thing you do to look for a restaurant? Pull up your Yelp app and start looking for reviews. If you’re like me, I roll past a restaurant when the stars are 3 or less. But in the event industry, it’s not as easy to sort through options. Some of us are on Yelp, Wedding Wire, Thumbtack and other sites where we can be rated…but that’s not all vendors. It’s not an easy platform to sort through; some not so great vendors, have a ton of reviews, but aren’t good anymore, they’ve just been in the industry for years. Some vendors with lower reviews are amazing, but their couples haven’t posted reviews. So how do you sort through that? You hire a planner that can refer you to their preferred list and also vet any suggested vendors, from their professionals experience, rather than your emotional decision.

Keep following as I continue with more tips in the month of March. Until then, stay magnificent.