When preparing to construct a building, the architects design the foundation but the builders create it. They build a solid foundation and constantly check for any flaws before they begin  construction on the remainder of the building. If the foundation is weak or flawed, the building will eventually crumble.    

   In Las Vegas, a new building was being constructed. They laid the foundation, checked it, and proceeded to build. Other construction workers got on site and began inspecting the process, along with the foundation. They found cracks deep down in the foundation with water leaking through. This wouldn’t have been a big deal to fix, had they caught the problem early. At this point, the structural beams were already placed, the building was taking shape. Needless to say, the potential building, that was given a billion dollar budget, was torn down and re-construction has not yet resumed. 

   That was a building. The flaws in the foundation were easy to detect and a potential disaster was avoidable. But what about our foundation? How often do we check it for cracks? Do we even know who the architect was that designed our foundation? Some of you may be saying that it’s you; you designed the foundation upon which you stand. But think about it…how long ago was your foundation created? Some of us may have great parents, who instilled great principles and philosophies into our foundation, while some of us may not have been that lucky. We may be holding onto negatives in our subconscious that will eventually cause our foundation to crack. 

   Take a moment to think back to your earliest childhood memory. What do you see, what do you hear, how do things look? Now, think about your life today, what do you do currently that is a reflection of something you just remembered from your childhood? It may be positive or negative, but whatever it is, are you happy with it? Will the behavior serve you in the future you want? This is a very small activity to help you get in tune with your subconscious and to begin understanding where certain philosophies and behaviors come from. 

   If you felt great about that activity, congratulations! You probably have a solid foundation. However, if you felt bad or even a little uncomfortable, its okay. Unlike the building in Las Vegas, you can repair your foundation. You don’t have to live with cracks. You can construct a solid foundation for yourself- one that sustains movement, pressure, cracks, and weaknesses. 

   I’m sure you are wondering how to do this now that I have you excited to the possibility. First, become in tune with your subconscious. Pay attention to behaviors and where they come from. Second, be careful of the information you allow to get into your head. Read and listen to positive things; you will see a shift in your outlook over time. Third, be aware of your associations. Some people will serve your old philosophies and keep you captive to them. Others will support the change you are looking to make. It’s tough; not everyone can sit at the table of your life, but it’s okay. You don’t have to loose someone you care about, you just have to limit the time because you care about yourself more. 

   Good luck and continue to inspect (and re-inspect) your foundation.