We have had the amazing task of planning a conference in Puerto Rico this July. Our client decided last minute that he wanted to plan his annual conference in Puerto Rico. As a professional planner, we are all for what our clients wants. We agreed that PR would be great! So we launch the event, sell tickets, and have not idea where we are going to have the event (kind of a planners nightmare…lol).
      A month later, we fly out to PR, with our client, and go on a number of site visits; looking for our main event and the venue that had the right flavor for our group. After a few days, while adding a little pleasure with business, we finally found a great venue! It was perfect! Villas for our VIPs, spacious sleeping rooms, a great meeting space with pre-function area, and a poppin’ lobby with Latin dancing from the locals. So, we moved on it! We booked the venue, signed our contract, and were ready for a great 2018 event. THEN…Hurricane Maria hit…
      So, our amazing hotel said they were fine…not affected…fast forward 3 months…we received a call that our hotel couldn’t open until November 2018 (4 months out from our event). In a panic, with a desire to still have our event in PR, we flew back out to San Juan to find a venue, that could hold our event.
      Below is a glimpse of our adventure, that includes a walk around Old San Juan. We plan to publish more after we touch down in San Juan on Tuesday and arrive at our NEW hotel, the La Concha Hotel, a Renaissance Resort, in Condado. We can’t wait to showcase some local eateries, local clubs/bars, and show our piece of the Puerto Rican culture. #teamnuvision #deucedeuce #nuvisionnation #staymagnificent